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New License System

  • Bandizip 7.0 is released in 3 types of editions: Standard (Free) / Professional (Paid) / Enterprise (Paid)
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  • Standard Edition: Free of charge, available for commercial and non-commercial use, some features limited.
  • Professional Edition: Sold to individual users.
  • Enterprise Edition: Sold to enterprise users.
  • End User License Agreement


Bandizip 7.0 Beta

  • Bandizip 7.0 Beta 1 has been released on Oct 1, 2019.
  • Advertisements appear on Bandizip Standard Edition.
  • Advanced compression settings

  • New feature “Password Manager”

  • New feature “Repair Archive”

  • New feature “Password Recovery”

  • New feature “Single-click to open an item”
  • New feature processing hard-linked files in TAR format
  • New feature pre-allocating disk space for an output file
    (Minimizing disk fragmentation and improving speed in decompression)
  • New command “rn” for command line interface
  • Using an online installer
  • Decompressing NSIS format on its own without relying on external libraries
  • Decompressing UDF format on its own without relying on external libraries (support for UDF 2.60)
  • Decompressing PMA (LHA) format in PM1 method
  • Decompressing Google Brotli (.br) format
  • Improved speed in compression and decompression
  • Improved speed in decompression of RAR5 file
  • Improved speed in decompression of some types of 7Z file
  • Improved support for DOS SFX format
  • Improved support for ZIP file compressed in MBCS on Unix
  • Improved processing method for code page in TAR format
  • Changed name of command line compression tool for console (bc.exe → bz.exe)
  • Fixed bug that UI appears blurry on HiDPI display
  • Fixed bug that right-to-left languages are displayed incorrectly (e.g. Arabic)
  • New feature using Alt + Left/Right arrow to go back/forward one folder
  • Improved support for multi-monitor environment
  • Installer detects CPU automatically (x86/x64/ARM64) and downloads compatible files, enabling traffic management and faster update.