Honeycam version history - Latest

v4.20 Mar 17, 2023

  • Fixed a critical bug that the program crashes when saving as GIF.
  • - We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you are using v4.19, please update to v4.20.

v4.19 Mar 16, 2023

  • GIF saving speed has been improved.
  • - The saving speed has been increased by 10-50% for PC systems having more than 6-core CPU.
  • Fixed a bug where saving to WebP resulted in an abnormal increase in file size compared to GIFs
  • - Fixed a bug where a video was not compressed enough in some frames when saving to WebP, especially if the background of the video remained the same and only some areas were constantly changing.
  • Time precision for recording has been improved.
  • - Compared to previous versions, the recording time error between frames has been reduced by an average of 1 msec when recording.
  • A new feature to save the current recording area as an image file with Ctrl+S hotkey in the recording window. (Settings > Advanced)
  • - The saved file name and extension use the export settings.
  • WebM-related abnormal termination bug fix
  • - Fixed a bug that abnormally terminated when loading a video encoded with AV1 codec (You can open it by installing AV1 codec from the Windows Store. )
    - Fixed a bug that abnormally terminated when saving a video whose image size was too small (height or width less than 2 px)
    - Fixed a bug that abnormally terminated when saving a video containing a frame with a frame time of 0
  • Convenience improvement
  • - In the Crop tab, you can specify the aspect ratio of the cropper.

    - The screen view position is not initialized when zooming in/out.
    - The detials of the error are displayed with the error code when saving fails
  • Bug fixes
  • - Fixed a bug that when the monitor's HDR mode is on, some corrupt frames are inserted while recording using advanced recording mode(DXGI).
    - Fixed a bug that the scroll position was initialized when zooming in and out.
    - Fixed a bug that alpha value of transparent webp images with background color was not handled properly.