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Bandiview History

v7.0 2023

  • New license policies
  • Now available only on 64-bit Windows 10 and 11
  • Added support for AVIF, EXR, ICO, JXL, QOI, SVG, HEIC(HEIF), and CLIP formats
  • Added a function downloading the plug-ins for less commonly used formats whenever required with the Internet connection
  • Improved how image chches are processed, allowing to view images of ultrahigh resolution
  • Improved the processing speed for archives & Added supports for more archive formats
  • Added a function processing the metadata of RAW files
  • Improved the processing speed for RAW files & Added supports for recent RAW formats
  • Improved how solid-compressed archives are processed
  • Added a view mode optimized for viewinig webtoons
  • Added a fucntion showing scroll bars
  • Improved the image output
  • Improved the image processing speed
  • Added support for ARM CPUs
  • Improved the processing of image's alpha channel
  • Improved the processing and showing of image's meta information
  • Improved the showing of animated images
  • Added support and associated configuration for HiDPI
  • Improved the sorting of images
  • Added an HDR output function for HDR image formats
  • Improved the function changing file associations
  • Improve the image filters
  • Other modifications