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How to troubleshoot when I can’t install Bandizip on the App Store
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How to troubleshoot when I can’t install Bandizip on the App Store

You may encounter problems that you fail to install Bandizip or to run it after the installation. This isn’t just about Bandizip; the same problems are reported in other apps on the App Store like the link below.

Some Mac App Store Apps 'Damaged' Due to Expired Security Certificate

It is assumed that the problems have occurred since the introduction of Gatekeeper, macOS’s new security system. Until recently, there have been sporadic reports on failure to install apps or to run them.

There are some of the possible ways to solve the problem as follows:

  1. Uninstall (move to trash) the app from the “Applications” folder and reinstall it.
  2. Sign out of the App Store. Restart macOS, sign in to the App Store again, and reinstall the app.
  3. Clear the App Store’s cache and reinstall the app.
  4. How to clear the cache: Clear Mac App Store Temp Cache to Fix Some Download Issues

If all of them don’t work, you need to contact Apple Support to solve the problem.